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Revised Microtesting for Soft Wheat Quality Evaluation.

P. L. Finney and L. C. Andrews. Copyright 1986 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A revised two-phase quality evaluation microprocedure for early generation screening of wheat is described. Improved milling and baking predictability and lobor savings were accomplished by enlarging the sieve housing and adding a 94SS sieve to the Quadrumat Jr. micromilling method. The added sieving enabled relative wheat hardness to be differentiated, which saved labor by replacing the Labconco-ground particle size index test. Furthermore, use of the additional sieve improved milling quality predictability by relating Quadrumat to Allis-Chalmers break-flour yields with a correlation coefficient of about 0.98. Additional labor savings and improved predictability resulted, because tempering of wheat before experimental milling was unnecessary if two regression coefficients expressing the effects of wheat moisture on Quadrumat break-flour yield and Quadrumat flour yield were used to correct all data. With or without tempering, the throughs of the Quadrumat 94SS correlated best with the Allis-Chalmers mill alkaline water retention capacity (AWRC) values. However, acceptable Allis AWRC predictability was accomplished on the combined flours of the 94SS overs and throughs. The combined flours had the advantage of yielding AWRC values essentially unaffected by variable wheat moisture content during milling.

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