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Cereal Chem 63:193-196   |  VIEW ARTICLE
Composition and Molecular Species of Waxy Lipids in Wheat Grain.

M. Ohnishi, S. Obata, S. Ito, and Y. Fujino. Copyright 1986 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Waxy lipids such as acylsterols, shorter alkylesters, hydrocarbons, and longer alkylesters were isolated from wheat grain, and their components and molecular species were studied. The contents of these waxy lipid classes in neutral lipids were 7.4, 0.5, 0.4, and less than 0.1%, respectively. The major species of acylsterols were palmitoyl sitosterol and linoleoyl sitosterol; those of shorter alkylesters were methyl linoleate and methyl palmitate. Hydrocarbons, alkanes, alkenes, and squalene were detected, with alkanes being predominant. The main species of alkanes were C25, C27, and C29, and those of alkenes were C25, C29, and C31. The principal carbon numbers of longer alkylesters were C40, C42, C44, and C46, and the major species were palmitoyl hexaconsanol, arachidoyl tetracosanol, palmitoyl tetracosanol, and behenoyl tetracosanol.

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