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Functional Properties of Pea Globulin Fractions.

H. Koyoro and J. R. Powers. Copyright 1987 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Protein was extracted from green pea flour using neutral buffer containing 0.5M NaCl. Globulins were precipitated by a combination of dilution and adjustment to pH 4.5 and further fractionated into legumin and vicilin-rich fractions by differential solubility at pH 4.8. Both vicilin and legumin preparations were 80% soluble at pH 3, but the vicilin preparation was markedly more soluble than legumin at pH 7 (96 vs. 73%). The vicilin preparation produced more stable foams and emulsions, whereas the legumin gave greater foam expansion and emulsion capacities. Surface hydrophobicity and foaming capacity of both preparations were markedly increased by heating neutral solutions 5 min at 90 C.

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