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Effect of Sugars and Flours on Cookie Spread Evaluated by Time-Lapse Photography.

L. C. Doescher, R. C. Hoseney, G. A. Milliken, and G. L. Rubenthaler. Copyright 1987 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Time-lapse photography was used to study the rate of expansion (spreading rate) and setting time during baking of cookie dough prepared with different sugars and flours. The type and the concentration of sugar used affected the spreading parameters. A combination of expansion rate and setting time determined cookie diameter. Among soft wheat flours, variation existed in set time and expansion rate. Rate of expansion was strongly correlated to cookie diameter (r = 0.90). In addition, set time significantly affected final cookie diameter (r = 0.50). Protein content was significantly correlated to expansion rate (r = -0.37) and to cookie diameter (r = -0.31). Alkaline water retention capacity of 45 soft wheat flours was lower than that usually reported but was significantly correlated to cookie diameter (r = -0.71).

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