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Influence of Solutes and Water on Rice Starch Gelatinization.

A. Chungcharoen and D. B. Lund. Copyright 1987 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Gelatinization phenomena in rice flours and isolated starches from the Lemont variety and a mixture of Nato and Mars varieties were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry. When a flour or starch suspension in an excess amount of water was heated to 130 C at 10 C/min, gelatinization endotherm was observed at a temperature range of 65-86 C. No difference was found between the gelatinization characteristics of flours and their isolated starch counterparts. In the presence of sucrose or sodium chloride, gelatinization temperatures shifted to higher temperatures, and enthalpy associated with the endothermic process decreased. The extent of temperature shift and enthalpy change was dependent on the water-to- starch ratio. Influence of sucrose on gelatinization temperature could be explained by considering starch as a partially crystalline glassy polymer. A surfactant containing 90% glyceryl monostearate had a slight effect on gelatinization temperature and had no effect on enthalpy of the endothermic process.

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