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Shelf Life Stability of Spaghetti Fortified with Legume Flours and Protein Concentrates.

W. Duszkiewicz-Reinhard, K. Khan, J. W. Dick, and Y. Holm. Copyright 1988 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Durum wheat semolina (containing 3% [w/w] vital gluten) was fortified with 10% (w/w) of legume (navy and pinto) flours or their protein concentrates and extruded into spaghetti. Shelf life stability of the fortified spaghetti was evaluated at zero, one, three, and six months for quality parameters such as shattering, cooking quality, sensory evaluation, acidity, moisture, and color score. No shattering was observed during storage. Weight of cooked spaghetti was lower for fortified samples during storage. Samples with navy bean flours and concentrates had higher water absorption. Cooking loss was the highest for spaghetti made of semolina-legume blends immediately after processing. Spaghetti containing legume flours and concentrates had higher firmness in comparison with controls during storage. Spaghetti fortified with legume flours and navy products was prefered by panelists over that fortified with legume protein concentrates. Acidity of spaghetti increased upon storage, especially for spaghetti with legume protein concentrates. Spaghetti with navy and pinto bean products had lower moisture content and color scores than controls.

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