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Investigations of Sugar-Starch Interactions Using Carbon-13 Magnetic Resonance.

I. Sucrose. L. M. Hansen, C. S. Setser, and J. V. Paukstelis. Copyright 1989 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance techniques were used to investigate sugar starch systems. The results suggested that sugar-starch interactions occurred during the heating of starch just before the onset temperature of starch gelatinization, measured by differential scanning calorimetry. Differences in chemical shifts (greater than 1 Hz) of sugars in a sugar-starch system compared with chemical shifts in a sugar solution alone represented potential interactions for the G1, G6, F1, and F3 carbon atoms of the sucrose molecule. As molar concentrations of sucrose increased, the number of carbon atoms involved and the strength of interactions appeared to decrease. Results of solubilized starch investigations indicated that the starch granule likely was necessary for these interactions to occur.

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