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Effect of Hybrid and Physical Damage on Mold Development and Carbon Dioxide Production During Storage of High-Moisture Shelled Corn.

D. Friday, J. Tuite, and R. Stroshine. Copyright 1989 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Carbon dioxide (CO2) evolution was measured during storage of shelled corn at 26 C and 20.5% mc. The effects of hybrid and physical damage on mold development were determined. Hybrids were selected as either susceptible or resistant to storage mold on the basis of laboratory tests. Number of propagules, percent seeds infected, visible mold, and percent mold damage were the criteria used to evaluate mold growth. Results of the CO2 evolution tests showed significant differences in storability due to hybrid. CO2 production and associated measures of mold growth for hybrids FRB73 x Mo17 and FR35 x FR20 were significantly lower than for hybrids DF20 x DF12 and Pioneer 3377. For all hybrids except DF20 x DF12, CO2 was produced at a lower rate than that predicted by Saul's curves. The corn dropped in grade to U.S. no. 4 at 0.5% dry matter loss.

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