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Measuring Kernel Hardness Using the Tangential Abrasive Dehulling Device.

J. W. Lawton and J. M. Faubion. Copyright 1989 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A test is described that uses the Tangential Abrasive Dehulling Device (TADD) to measure grain hardness. Percent kernel weight loss during milling follows a first-order decay model. The rate constant from the model is used as a measure of kernel hardness. The rate constant was shown to discriminate kernel hardness in sorghum, wheat, and corn samples. Kernel moisture above 12.5% was shown to raise the rate constant significantly; however, this effect could be reversed by drying the grain before testing. Kernel size also raised the rate constant, but this effect was significant only for very small kernels.

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