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Pie Crust Quality: Influence of Use of Fractionated and Reconstituted Soft Wheat Flour of Varied Protein Content.

M. E. Zabik and R. C. Tipton. Copyright 1989 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Four soft wheat cultivars of varied protein were used to evaluate the effect of protein on pastry quality. To further determine the effect of protein quality on pastry quality, these flours were fractionated into gluten and starch + water solubles. The gluten was subsequently fractionated by pH to vary the glutenin-to-gliadin ratios. Flours were reconstituted to their original protein from whole crude gluten, single gluten fractions, and all gluten fractions in their original proportions. Fractionation patterns among flours from various wheat cultivars differed significantly. Full restoration of original flour properties upon flour reconstitution was not achieved, indicating flour fractionation techniques adversely affected functionality. Among the flours of single pH fraction, flakiness, crust shrinkage, and surface blistering increased as pH of the flour fraction increased, whereas crust surface browning decreased. The flour cultivar significantly affected pastry quality, with protein quantity of the wheat flour cultivar being a determining factor.

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