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Characteristics of Muffins Containing Various Levels of Waxy Rice Flour.

F. C. S. Johnson. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Characteristics of muffins containing 5, 15, and 25% replacement levels of waxy rice for wheat flour were evaluated using physical test methods and a trained sensory panel. The experimental muffins and the reference standard wheat product were found to differ with respect to several characteristics. However, the sensory panel evaluated all characteristics to be "moderately close" to "very close" matches with the reference muffin. No significant differences were found among test muffins and reference standard regarding tenderness, volume, and flavor characteristics. The muffin containing 5% waxy rice for wheat flour was significantly taller than the reference standard or the other muffins. Physical evaluations showed that all waxy rice products retained more moisture during baking than the referenct standard muffin. Tenderness of all products decreased at a similar rate following 9 and 33 hr of room temperature storage and seven days at freezer temperature.

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