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The Impact of Fissured Rice on Mill Yields.

L. Velupillai and J. P. Pandey. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Fissured kernels in rough rice generally break when milled. Because milling with the least amount of broken rice is a universal goal, experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of known amounts of fissured kernels in rough rice on kernel breakage during shelling and milling. The reduction in whole-kernel yield was dependent on the rice lot tested and the percent of fissured kernels in the rough rice. Fissured kernel levels as low as 10% caused significant reduction in whole-kernel yields of three of the four rice lots tested. Rough rice with fissured kernels in excess of 10% resulted in very low whole-kernel yields. When lots with no fissured kernels were tested, one lot produced whole-kernel yields 10 percentage points lower than the three other lots tested. This trend was attributed to varietal difference and preexisting weak conditions. Linear regression models relating percent fissured kernels in the rough rice to the whole kernel yield, brokens and fissured whole grain in whole kernels and broken rice are presented. These models can be used by rice processors to selected lots of rice to produce milled rice of the desired end quality.

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