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Grain Quality Characteristics of Export Rices in Selected Markets.

B. O. Juliano, C. M. Perez, and M. Kaosa-Ard. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Export rices from Bangkok and retail rices in Hong Kong, Rome, Italy, and Bonn, Germany, were analyzed for physical and chemical properties. Thai nonwaxy rices had long, slender grains but intermediate or low gelatinization temperatures (GT); the amylose content (AC) ranged from intermediate to high for nonaromatic rices and from intermediate to low for aromatic rices. Thai waxy rices were long or medium grain and had low GT. In Hong Kong, imported Thai nonwaxy rices were mainly aromatic with low GT and low to intermediate AC; China rices were mainly short, medium-shaped grain with low GT and high AC; Australian long- and medium-grain rices had low GT, and low to intermediate AC, while US long grain rices had low GT and variable AC. Samples from Rome were mainly of long- or medium-grain rices with low GT and low to intermediate AC. The Bonn samples were mainly raw and parboiled long-grain rices with intermediate to low GT and intermediate AC. Nonwaxy rices generally had high values for head rice and translucency.

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