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Hard White and Red Winter Wheat Comparison in Hamburger Buns.

C. E. Lang and C. E. Walker. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Hamburger buns account for a sizable amount of wheat flour consumption. With the increased interest in high-fiber foods, a whole hard white wheat bun that has a lighter color and blander flavor than one from whole hard red wheat but has the same volume and texture might have wide consumer acceptability. However, tests showed that as the proportion of whole wheat in the bun increased, the volume decreased. Vital gluten was used to restore the volume. White wheat bran, as well as cracked and flaked wheats, were added to create the effect of whole wheat without seriously affecting the color. Up to 30% cracked wheat, 40% flaked wheat, or 20% bran could be added to the formula while retaining control height by adding vital gluten. Comparing the red and white wheat buns, the Agtron gave higher values for the white ones (indicating a lighter color) except with cracked wheat, where the values were equal. In triangle test under red light, taste panelists easily differentiated red-wheat from white-wheat buns. In the preference tests, panelists showed no preference for buns made from one wheat over the other.

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