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Adjustment of Maize Quality Data for Moisture Content.

C. Dorsey-Redding, C. R. Hurburgh, Jr., L. A. Johnson, and S. R. Fox. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Most grain properties are affected by moisture content. Previously developed moisture-correction equations for composition, kernel weight, bulk density (test weight), and breakage susceptibility are summarized. Empirical equations were derived to adjust Stenvert hardness, water absorption index (WAI), and kernel density values for moisture content differences. The data were collected on 10 selected samples from a group of 184 maize hybrids grown at one location in central Iowa. The rate of change of Stenvert hardness with respect to moisture showed a moderate amount of hybrid interaction, but a single exponential function was estimated for all hybrids. WAI exponentially decreased as moisture content increased, with little hybrid effect on rate of change. Kernel density decreased linearly as moisture content increased. Hybrids varied in density but the slope of density on moisture was the same for all hybrids. The moisture correction equations for Stenvert hardness, WAI, and kernel density were used to predict moisture-related quality changes in 10 independent samples of unknown genotype and storage history. The average errors of the equations relative to actual data were not significant.

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