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A Model for Estimating Loss of Wheat Seed Viability During Hot-Air Drying.

S. A. Giner, C. E. Lupano, and M. C. Anon. Copyright 1991 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A first-order kinetic model for estimating the loss of viability of wheat seeds during hot-air drying is presented. Model parameters were obtained by fitting the integral form of the model to grain germination percentage, moisture, temperature, and drying time. These data were determined throughout experimental drying in fluidized layers 0.08 m deep. Grain temperature varied continuously as in full-scale dryers. The Arrhenius activation energy Ea of the process was found to be 81.1 x 10(3) cal/mol, and the Arrhenius preactivation factor was determined to be a function of kernel moisture content. The model was compared with other experimental data, and the observed and predicted germination agreed within +/-4.2 percentage points. The model will be useful in conjunction with drying simulation models to help in the design and operation of wheat dryers.

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