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Corn Hardness as Related to Yield and Particle Size of Fractions from a Micro Hammer-Cutter Mill.

Y. V. Wu. Copyright 1992 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Hardness of corn grain can be measured by the percentage yield of large flaking grits from dry milling. Fourteen corn genotypes ranging from soft to very hard were ground in a micro hammer-cutter mill fitted with a 2-mm or 6-mm screen. The ground corn was sieved into seven fractions. Predicted dry-milling grits yield (hardness) from an earlier article was positively, significantly correlated with mean particle size and yields of the 774-, 1,015-, and 1,445-microm fractions. Predicted dry-milling grits yields were negatively and significantly correlated with yields of the 359-and 460-micrometer fractions from corn ground withn a 2-mm screen. Predicted dry-milling grits yield (hardness) was positively and significantly correlated with yields of 3,095- and 4,680-micrometer fractions and mean particle size but negatively and significantly correlated with yields of 201-, 502-, and 1,058-micrometer fractions from corn ground with a 6-mm screen.

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