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Comparison of Physical, Chemical, and Functional Properties of Moringa peregrina (Al-Yassar or Al-Ban) and Soybean Proteins.

H. A. Al-Kahtani and A. A. Abou-Arab. Copyright 1993 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Flours of Moringa peregrina and soybean were individually defatted and fractionated into protein concentrate and protein isolate. M. peregrina flour was significantly (P less than 0.05) higher in oil than soybean flour but lower in proteins, carbohydrates, and ash. M. peregrina protein concentrate also contained significantly lower protein levels and higher carbohydrate levels. The protein isolate of M. peregrina had higher protein levels and lower carbohydrate levels than the protein isolate of soy. Potassium and sodium were the predominant minerals in both M. peregrina and soy flour. X-ray diffraction patterns (d spacings and 2Theta angle of crystallinity) could easily discriminate M. peregrina products from soybean products. M. peregrina flour and concentrate were significantly lower in bulk density than the soybean fractions. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis indicated 9 and 5 subunits (defatted flour), 13 and 9 subunits (protein concentrate), and 12 and 5 subunits (protein isolate) for soybean and M. peregrina proteins, respectively. M. peregrina proteins were somewhat less soluble than soy proteins, even at higher pH values. Emulsion capacity of M. peregrina products was generally higher than that of soybean products at all pH values, while emulsion stability of soybean products was generally higher, particularly at pH 2 and 10. Maximum increase in foam volume was observed at pH 2. At pH 4-6, the foam stability of M. peregrina protein isolate was greater, but the foam stability of its protein concentrate was lower than that of soybean proteins. Soy protein concentrate absorbed significantly more water, while M. peregrina products absorbed more oil.

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