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The Dahlquist Criterion: Applicability of a Rheological Criterion to the Loss of Pressure- Sensitive Tack in Flour-Water Dough.

S. S. Heddleson, D. D. Hamann, and D. R. Lineback. Copyright 1993 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The relationship between the adhesive behavior (measured by probe tack) and dynamic rheological properties of a flour-water dough was examined over a selected temperature range. Flour-water dough probe tack was characterized in terms of the Dahlquist criterion for pressure-sensitive adhesives: tack ceased when the storage modulus was greater than 10[5] Pa. A maximum in the loss tangent (G''/G') reflecting greater viscous flow, corresponded with a maximum in tack energy. This was expected, since an adhesive must exhibit sufficient viscous flow when rate of deformation is low in order to conform to the adherend surface. These results suggest that the pressure-sensitive tack of flour-water dough to metal surfaces can be studied in terms of a rheological mechanism.

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