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Physicochemical Properties of Starches from Mutant Genotypes of the Oh43 Inbred Line.

Y.-J. Wang, P. White, and L. Pollak. Copyright 1993 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The physicochemical properties of 17 mutant genotypes of the Oh43 inbred line were investigated to clarify the relationship between structural characteristics and physicochemical properties and among the properties themselves. These physicochemical properties included blue value (BV), maximum absorbance wavelength (lambda[max]), limiting viscosity number ([nu]), swelling power and solubility at 85 C, and percent light transmittance (%T) of starch paste at 650 nm. Pasting properties were determined by means of Brabender viscoamylography, gel strength by texture analysis, and thermal properties by differential scanning calorimetry. Amylose content was the most important structural characteristic affecting the physicochemical properties of starch. Amylose content was significantly (P less than 0.01) correlated with BV (r = 0.96) and lambda(max) (r = 0.81) and was negatively correlated with [nu] (r = -0.83), %T (r = -0.88), swelling power (r = -0.86), and peak viscosity (r = -0.97). Other structural characteristics, including intermediate material content, average chain length of debranched amylopectin, and ratio of long B chains to short B chains plus A chains of amylopectin, were weakly correlated with properties. Some significant correlations were found among properties, including BV, %T, swelling power, and peak viscosity.

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