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Studies on a Raw-Starch Digesting Enzyme. II. Replacement of Sucrose in White Pan Bread.

T.-T. Valjakka, J. G. Ponte, Jr., and K. Kulp. Copyright 1994 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc.

The effects of a raw-starch digesting enzyme (RSDE) on breads containing no, low, and normal levels of sucrose were studied. The RSDE increased glucose formation in doughs, which, in turn, increased crust color at all sucrose levels and loaf volume in bread with no sucrose. The RSDE decreased bread firmness but did not affect bread firming rate. In no- or low-sucrose doughs, the lowest level of RSDE produced a loaf volume comparable to that of control bread (6% sucrose), but the highest level of enzyme was needed to produce a crust color comparable to that of control bread. However, the highest level of RSDE tended to produce keyholing (weakening of bread side walls). Thus, RSDE is most beneficial in breads where high loaf volume but fairly light crust color is desired.  

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