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Protein Quality Evaluation of Cooked Rice for Protein Mutants in Growing Rats.

B. O. Eggum, H. Satoh, and B. O. Juliano. Copyright 1994 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The nutritive value of cooked milled rice of one glutelin mutant esp-2 and three prolamin mutants esp-1, esp-3, and Esp-4 backcrossed twice to Kinmaze and differing in their protein subunit ratios were evaluated by chemical analyses and balance studies in growing rats and compared with the Kinmaze parent. The glutelin mutant had higher lysine content and true digestibility (TD) of protein than did Kinmaze, but all had digestible energy values similar to that of Kinmaze. The esp-3 prolamin mutant was confirmed to have lower sulfur amino acids in protein that did the other samples, but lysine was still the limiting amino acid. Biological value of the mutants was similar to that of Kinmaze, but net protein utilization (NPU) of esp-2 and Esp-4 was higher than that of Kinmaze. The 10- and 16-kDa prolamin-rich mutant Esp-4 had even higher TD than that of Kinmaze. The glutelin mutant had best protein quality among the four Kinmaze mutants.

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