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Preparation and Effect of Cell-Wall Hydrolysate from Wheat Bran on Mixing Properties of Dough.

K. Shiiba, H. Yamada, H. Hara, and K. Okada. Copyright 1994 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Selective hydrolysis with a macerating enzyme was performed following a steam-pressure treatment to limit degradation of the rigid cell-wall structure. The yield of cell-wall hydrolysate (CWH) was approximately 25% of the washed bran, with the component xylose comprising approximately 50%. Gel-filtration on size- exclusion, high-performance, liquid chromatography of the CWH showed that as macerating time increased, the molecular weight of CWH decreased. Several main peaks were obtained with molecular mass less than 5,000. The effect of CWH on rheological behavior of doughs was investigated using a mixograph. Compared to control flour, mixograms of the flour with 1% CWH exhibited shorter dough development time and less mixing tolerance.

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