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Relationship Between Milled Rice Surface Fat Concentration and Degree of Milling as Measured with a Commercial Milling Meter.

T. J. Siebenmorgen and H. Sun. Copyright 1994 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The relationship between surface fat concentration, measured using a standard petroleum-ether extraction technique, and degree of milling, measured using a Satake milling meter, was investigated for 252 milled rice samples of both bulk and thickness-fractionated long-grain rice. Results showed that surface fat concentration was linearly and inversely related to degree of milling with an R2 value of over 88% for bulk rice samples. There was no statistical difference in the slopes of the equation relating surface fat concentration to degree of milling of bulk rice samples across the three long-grain rice cultivars (Newbonnet, Millie, and Lemont) tested, yet there was a statistical difference between the equation intercepts across the three cultivars.

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