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Physical Properties of Soybean Meal.

Y. Wang, D. S. Chung, and C. K. Spillman. Copyright 1995 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Physical properties of soybean meal, including particle size and particle size distributions, bulk density and true density, and repose angle and drain angle, were studied in the laboratory. Evaluation of particle size and particle size distributions by a standard method revealed that 70% of the particles fell into the medium and fine range (between 0.595 and 1.19 mm). Normal and log-normal particle size distribution analyses showed similar results of mean diameter by mass (0.833 and 0.786 mm, respectively). Bulk density and true density were determined by multipycnometer and loose or zero degree bed packing, respectively. Repose angle and drain angle ranged from 30.3 to 33.2 degrees and from 26.3 to 43.7 degrees, respectively. The statistical analysis indicated that moisture content had significant effects both on the true and bulk densities and on the repose and drain angles.

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