January 2020
This Month at Cereals & Grains Association
Eleanor Beck
This year, we are starting a new blog with the purpose of telling our members' stories. Each story will highlight the member's education and career journey and show how our association has played a supportive role in championing their success. Read Nutritionist Eleanor Beck Wants You to Eat More Whole Grains now!
Science & Trends
While whole grains are recognized as nutritionally important, many tend to be unpalatable and need to be processed in ways that retain their beneficial properties yet make them more appealing to consumers. This issue explores how the nutritional value and palatability of grain foods can be enhanced.
Tortillas: Wheat Flour and Corn Products was the fifth most popular book sold in 2019. What other titles were popular with Cereals & Grains Association members?
This focus issue will consider research on factors related to hazard identification and characterization, exposure assessment, and risk management for the consumption of grains and grain-based foods. No page fees for the first 8 pages—submit by June 30, 2020.
Because of the strong interest in the Global Food System super theme in 2019, CFW will continue to focus on this theme throughout 2020. In case you missed them, here are the 19 most popular articles of 2019.
Electronic ballots were emailed to eligible-to-vote members on January 7. Read about the candidates on the election page and cast your vote by February 10!
Award call
These awards recognize the outstanding service, scientific innovations, and significant accomplishments of association members in the field of cereal grain science. Nominations for 2020 awards should be made by January 31, 2020.
Sections & Divisions
Our rice short course is back. Running every other year, this in-person course provides attendees with valuable information on ensuring quality and improving processes. Don't wait until 2022 to take advantage of it!
Important Dates
Cereals & Grains Association sponsored events:
April 27–30, 2020—Cereals & Grains Association-Sponsored International Forum on Baking and Fermentation Biotechnology for Foods

Other events:
January 28–30, 20202020 International Production & Processing Expo, IPPE
January 3031, 2020—Paris Grain Day 2020
February 46, 2020—International Association of Operative Millers, IAOM Annual Latin America Region Conference & Expo
February 16–20, 2020—Gulfood 2020, 25th Anniversary
February 27–29, 2020—2020 Commodity Classic
April 79, 2020—124th Annual IAOM, International Association of Operative Millers, Conference & Expo
July 1215, 2020—Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo

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