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Grain Quality: Global Warming and Wheat Quality

C. Wrigley. Wheat CRC and Food Science Australia, Sydney, Australia. Cereal Foods World 51(1):34-36.

Global warming is likely to increase the frequency of heat-stress episodes and cause dough weakening. We need to be aware of this likelihood and take adaptive management and breeding steps to reduce the associated risks. These steps should involve further research to understand the mechanisms involved in dough weakening and provide breeders with selection tools to assist in the production of varieties that will tolerate heat stress. In addition, knowledge of the interaction of genotype with environmental stresses would offer buyers a means of avoiding grain that may be heat-damaged. Based on current research, the effects of increased levels of carbon dioxide may provide the benefits of higher grain yields, with few negative effects on grain quality apart from lower protein content. Agronomic strategies must be developed to take advantage of yield potential, while maintaining protein content at acceptable levels. Breeders and cereal chemists need to continue to be aware of the many important interactions of genotype with growth conditions in managing grain quality, however.


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