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About CFW Plexus

CFW Plexus is a multimedia journal that includes research papers, webcasts, and other unique online content. Subject areas covered in CFW Plexus include food chemistry, nutrition, processing, regulatory, product development, quality assurance, analytical procedures, food safety, and other technical areas.

Expanded Access to Scientific and Technical Resources

CFW Plexus goes beyond simply providing online access to content from Cereal Foods World and the former Cereals & Grains Association Cereal Science Knowledge Database. It is also a home for original peer-reviewed research articles and other original scientific content. Accepted research articles are published online as they become available. Monthly Spotlights gather key content from across Cereals & Grains Association on topics of interest to those working with grains and cereals. New scientific content is also published as videos and webcasts.

A Place to Publish Your Work

CFW Plexus offers a multimedia publishing alternative for those working in grains and cereals, as well as related areas such as nutrition and food safety. Technical information and reviews are published in a variety of formats, including webcasts and videos.

Positioning Your Company and Its Products

The online network of CFW Plexus offers a broad range of opportunities for advertising and sponsorships. Beyond traditional online and print advertising, CFW Plexus also plans to launch a Product Showcase to feature information about new products and services available in the cereals and grains market.