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DOI: 10.1094/CFW-51-0172 |  VIEW ARTICLE


Use of Imaging Methods for Assessment of Asian Noodle Color

M. A. Shahin, D. W. Hatcher, and S. J. Symons. Grain Research Laboratory, Canadian Grain Commission, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Cereal Foods World 51(4):172-176.

Color is the most important factor affecting the appearance and market acceptance of Asian noodles. A scanner-based imaging method was developed to assess noodle color in terms of CIE color scale (L*, a*, b*) using neural networks. The neural networks’ predictions based on image measurements correlated well with the spectrophotometric measurements, with an overall R(^2) of 0.99, 0.92, and 0.93 for L*, a*, and b*, respectively. Mean error for L*, a*, and b* was 1.35, 3.68, and 2.96%, respectively.


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