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Validation of Measurement of Textural Properties of Cooked Noodles by Extension-Based Cutting

S. J. Lee, K. S. Lee, and D. I. Song. Wheat Foods Research Laboratory, Department of Food Science and Technology, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea. Cereal Foods World 51(4):197-201.

A new method using an extension-based cutting test was developed to measure textural properties of cooked noodles. Noodle ring samples were prepared by connecting both ends of a noodle strip before cooking. The test geometry consisted of a 5-mm diameter rig acting as a moving head with a blade attached at the bottom. Seven noodle textural parameters were measured on noodles with different starch contents (0, 5, 10, 15, 20%): cutting force; toughness and failure strain (measured by extension tensile test); cutting force and work-to-cut (measured by compression test); and firmness and chewiness (measured by sensory evaluation). ANOVA evaluation based on added starch contents indicated that tensile cutting force and toughness yielded the highest F values. Principal component analysis showed that tensile cutting force and toughness were the most critical contributors to PC1 eigen values among the seven parameters. In canonical correlation analysis, the canonical variate (CV) for textural parameters of the tensile test exhibited a larger correlation with sensory evaluation than CV for the standard compression cutting test. The new extension cutting test offers improved data reproducibility and accuracy compared with the traditional cutting test performed through compression.


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