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ICC Report

Toward Harmonization of International Standards for Food Safety and Quality Assessment

R. E. Poms. The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology. Cereal Foods World 52(1):24-26.

The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) has the core tasks of validating and standardizing analytical methods for cereal/food quality and safety. Many organizations and countries also develop analytical methods, and currently, a lack of information and communication between validation organizations has led to numerous independent and redundant studies, high costs of validation, and differing levels of acceptance of validation in different countries. Harmonization of validation and standardization protocols is necessary for mutual recognition (between countries and organizations) of international standards. ICC and AACC International have begun to harmonize their methodologies. Organizations such as ICC may play a role in standardizing horizontal methodologies that can be applied to a broad variety of food commodities.


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