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Determination of Lipoxidase in Wheat Germ

J. Zhou, X. Su, and X. Shen. Institute of Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 200237. Cereal Foods World 52(2):75-77.

Lipoxidase in wheat germ affects the wheat germís quality and must be inactivated for processing. Because no method was available for measuring unpurified lipoxidase in wheat germ, methods for measuring purified lipoxidase or lipoxidase in soybean were used as reference methods. These methods proved to be so inaccurate that the natural state of the wheat germ could not be determined. A simple method was therefore established to determine lipoxidase in wheat germ. It includes enzyme extraction, substrate preparation, and conditions for termination of the enzymatic action. Furthermore, the optimum inactivation conditions for lipoxidase in wheat germ were tested.


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