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Taquerias “al Norte”

C. Baggs. Charlie Baggs, Inc., Chicago, IL. Cereal Foods World 52(3):102-104.

The impact of Mexican cuisine on North American eating habits over the past 25 years has been nothing less than astounding. Taquerias, with their combinations of tortillas, sweet and savory breads, meat fillings, salsas, and beverages, have been at the heart of this insurgence. What does this mean for the cereal foods industry? Will tortilla manufacturers create more absorbent carriers to hold the juice and make it easier to eat with less mess? Will we see a conversion from traditional corn tortillas to flour tortillas? What about corn-flavored flour tortillas? Even with the growth of commercial taqueria chains, local taquerias will continue to be rich grazing grounds for product developers in search for new ideas with which to captivate tomorrow’s consumers.


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