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Gluten-Free Product Development

R. Broz and T. Horne. Culinary Wizard, Inc., Mundelein, IL. Cereal Foods World 52(3):148-149.

Clinically diagnosed celiac disease (CD) is distinguished by the permanent intolerance of gluten, forcing people who suffer from it to follow a strictly gluten-free diet for their whole lives. Some research indicates that CD currently affects approximately 1% of the population in the United States, or about 3 million individuals. The development of healthy food alternatives is becoming increasingly important; a trip to the grocery store shows the significance that food marketers are now placing on the gluten-free category. This article examines some of the authorsí work on creating gluten-free bread, including how to preserve the breadís spongy texture. Ultimately, the authors suggest that it is easier to mimic the flavors and textures of whole wheat, whole grain, and brown breads rather than refined-flour products such as commercial white pan bread. The article also examines cross-contamination issues and offers numerous suggestions for facilities interested in producing gluten-free products.


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