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The Safety and Allergenicity of Genetically Modified Foods—Impact on the Global Markets for Cereals and Oilseeds

S. L. Taylor and R. E. Goodman. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. Cereal Foods World 52(4):174-178.

Food products derived from genetically modified crops are increasingly appearing in the consumer marketplace. While guidelines for the safety assessment of genetically modified foods have been established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission on the basis of worldwide expert scientific input, regulatory agencies in certain countries and individual scientists and scientific groups continue to raise safety concerns and request or conduct unique tests. The value of these additional, nonvalidated tests in assessing the safety of genetically modified foods is questionable. Much of the focus of the safety assessment process is on an assessment of the potential allergenicity of the genetically modified foods and the novel proteins that are contained therein. Examples are provided to show that the Codex Alimentarius Commission guidelines are likely to identify any genetically modified foods with enhanced risk of allergenicity and to highlight the questionable value of additional, nonvalidated testing approaches.


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