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Bioengineering Cereal Carbohydrates to Improve Human Health

A. Regina (1,2), A. R. Bird (1,3), Z. Li (1,2), S. Rahman (1,2), G. Mann (1,2), E. Chanliaud (4), P. Berbezy (4), D. Topping (1,5), and M. K. Morell (1). (1) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Food Futures National Research Flagship, P.O. Box 93, North Ryde 1670, NSW, Australia. (2) CSIRO, Plant Industry, G.P.O Box 1600, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia. (3) CSIRO, Human Nutrition, P.O. Box 10041, Adelaide BC 5000, SA, Australia. (4) ULICE, ZAC les Portes de RIOM, 63204 RIOM cedex, France. (5) CSIRO Preventative Health National Research Flagship, CSIRO Human Nutrition, P.O. Box 10041, Adelaide BC 5000, SA, Australia. Cereal Foods World 52(4):182-187.

Dietary and lifestyle modifications are well recognized means of reducing the risk of diseases of affluence such as cardiovascular dysfunction, bowel disorders and type II diabetes. One viable strategy for improving public health is to modify the food supply to create products that deliver substantiated health benefits while retaining consumer appeal. This paper illustrates the alteration of cereal grain composition as a means for delivering nutritional benefits through examples of high amylose wheat and BARLEYmax.


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