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Halal Food Production for the Cereal Industry and the Halal Certification Process

M. N. Riaz. Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. Cereal Foods World 52(4):192-195.

Food consumed by Muslims that meets the Islamic dietary code is called halal food. It means wholesome, pure, and fit for human consumption. The word halal has become quite common in the Western food industry in the past two decades, primarily due to the export of food products to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Halal foods may appear the same as other food, but its nature, processing methods, ingredients, and handling from beginning to end should be in accordance with Islamic law. Halal food looks pretty simple, but the practice of it requires some religious knowledge. The domestic and international market for halal food is growing at a rapid pace. Halal certification is a cost-effective quality assurance program that increases the acceptability of certified products for a large group of consumers. An independent organization acting as a third party endorser, without any conflict of interest, can best serve a company’s need for halal certification. The halal logo is an authoritative, independent, and reliable testimony to support halal food claims. The process for halal certification is not complicated.


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