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The Evolution of Functional Bread in Japan

K. R. Kubomura. Kubomura Food Advisory Consultants, Tokyo, Japan. Cereal Foods World 52(4):209-210.

Japanís diet in many ways resembles the Mediterranean diet, which includes the notion that good foods should actively promote good health. Cereal crops have long played a huge part in this, both historically and in modern times. Despite contra dietary trends such as the Atkins and Low Carb diets, cereals are still seen as one of the most basic food groups vital to a healthy and balanced diet. Because of its inclusion in diets across most ethnic groups, the bakery sector, and bread in particular, now presents a substantial growth opportunity in the functional foods market. There are two main thrusts to capitalizing on these opportunities, bread enrichment by supplementation and advocating the inherent benefits of natural cereal grain compounds. This column examines a number of functional Japanese breads, including calcium bread, whole grain bread, unpolished rice bread, soy milk bread, collagen bread, and more.


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