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The 6th European Young Cereal Scientists and Technologists Workshop

F. Auger. Montpellier SupAgro, Montpellier, France. Cereal Foods World 52(5):278.

The 6th European Young Cereal Scientists and Technologists Workshop was held at the “Les Cyclades” conference center, Montpellier–La Grande Motte, France, April 30–May 2, 2007. In total, 70 participants from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, France, Austria, Turkey, Canada, UK, Denmark, and the Netherlands participated at this workshop, which took place on the days preceding the C&E Spring Meeting 2007, also held in Montpellier. The workshop gathered Ph.D. students, young professionals, and senior scientists working in the field of cereal science and technology. With 35 oral communications and 11 poster presentations, on topics such as new methods, rheology and structure-function, product quality, cereal components, breeding and biotechnology, and ingredient functionality, the program covered quite a broad range of areas and many animated discussions were instigated. For the first time since the creation of this workshop in 2002, three awards, sponsored by Danone Biscuits and Cereal Foods Division, were given to encourage and promote the high quality of the presentations. The awards went to Frédéric Auger (INRA-SupAgro), Evi Croes (K.U. Leuven), and Andrea Uhrin (Agr. Res. Institute–Hungarian Academy of Science) for their outstanding work. This special sponsorship by Danone underlines the importance of cereals research and the appreciation of the industry for the high scientific quality of this workshop.


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