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The Columnists Forum

T. Feng (1), K. Fitzpatrick (2), J. M. Jones (3), L. Levine (4), and R. Stier (5). (1) Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China. (2) NutriTech Consulting, Winnipeg, Canada. (3) College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN. (4) Leon Levine & Associates, Sante Fe, NM. (5) Consulting Food Scientists, Sonoma, CA. Cereal Foods World 52(6):309-311.

This is the first Columnists Forum for Cereal Foods World. This article introduces five of our columnists and gathers their opinions on a variety of hot issues in a question and answer format. The topics covered include nutritional issues, technology, dietary fiber, biofuels, the obstacles of product development, sodium, and environmental pressures.


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