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Baking: Understanding and Delivering Quality

S. P. Cauvain. BakeTran, High Wycombe, U.K. Cereal Foods World 54(4):190-191.

Stanley P. Cauvain, in his column, “Understanding and Delivering Quality,” addresses the broad topic of “quality.” The quality of cereals and cereal-based foods is a subject that concerns all of us and accordingly attracts a lot of attention. In ingredient supply and manufacturing environments there is always someone with the responsibility for quality. Often (and rightly), the focus on quality is in ensuring that the ingredients and foods prepared from them are “safe” to eat and are therefore of the “right” quality. The concept of quality management has grown from its origins in the engineering industries to pervade every aspect of modern manufacturing and service-based activities. Undoubtedly, we are all enjoying the benefits of safer foods, but are we actually getting a better quality of food product?


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