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Development of an Integrated Total Dietary Fiber Method Consistent with the Codex Alimentarius Definition

B. V. McCleary. Megazyme International Ireland Limited, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Cereal Foods World 55(1):24-28.

Interest in dietary fiber is a consequence of the belief that dietary fiber contributes positively to the health/quality of life of the consumer. The physiological effects of dietary fiber are what make it of interest to the consumer, food nutritionists, and regulators. Because dietary fiber is a multicomponent mixture, it is essential that there is a clear definition and a methodology to allow measurement of the defined components. Within the Dietary Fiber and Other Carbohydrates Technical Committee of AACC Intl., the need for an all-encompassing method for the measurement of dietary fiber was realized, discussed, and worked on for the past five years. Clearly, such a method must accurately measure RS and allow for the measurement of NDO.


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