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Baking: Celebrate the Diversity of Bakery Products

S. P. Cauvain. BakeTran, High Wycombe, U.K. Cereal Foods World 56(1):40-41.

In this column, Cauvain encourages readers to “celebrate” the diversity of bakery products and delivers some positive messages about baked products, including basic nutrition, healthfulness, indulgence, etc. Historically, it has been the ingenuity of the baker in exploiting the versatility of wheat and other grains that has led to the development of the bewildering array of baked good that we see today. In the last 100 years or so, cereal science has helped us to better understand the contributions that cereals and cereal-based products can make to our diet and healthiness. Here he reviews the criticism and claims that baked goods have been receiving, while touting their many benefits.


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