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The Evolution of Dietary Fiber Definitions and Methods and the Role of AACC International

B. V. McCleary. Megazyme Intl. Ireland Ltd., Ireland. Cereal Foods World 56(3):103.

AACC International President and Dietary Fiber and Other Carbohydrates Technical Committee member Barry V. McCleary discusses the evolution of dietary fiber definitions and methods and the role of AACC Intl. AACC Intl. members have been active over the past 30 years in development and validation of dietary fiber measurement methodology, and the association offers many resources on dietary fiber, including the creation of a definition and comments proposed to various health agencies. Recent AACC Intl. publications include the new Oats: Chemistry and Technology book, which features information on beta-glucans, and the new Dietary Fiber: New Frontiers for Food and Health, which covers up-to-date information on many areas of dietary fiber, including fiber and health and glycemic response.


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