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YukwaA Traditional Korean Puffed Rice Snack

G. H. Ryu. Department of Food Science and Technology, Kongju National University, Chungnam, Korea. Cereal Foods World 56(3):104-108.

Yukwa, a traditional Korean puffed snack made from waxy rice, has long been a popular snack item because of its unique texture and sweet flavor. Steeping period, moisture content, and frying process all have a significant influence on the physical and sensory properties of yukwa. Traditional yukwa production processes, as well as advances in production technology, are discussed. Reduction in steeping times is of great commercial importance and can potentially be achieved through inoculation with microorganisms. Use of a vacuum-puffing process for frying yukwa might also be considered as a new method to improve the quality and shelf life of commercial yukwa while shortening and reducing the cost of the process and lowering the oil content of the product.


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