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Health and Nutrition: Whole Grains at Play in the Realm of Health and Wellness

S. Badaracco. Culinary Tides, Inc., www.culinarytides.com. Cereal Foods World 56(3):130-131.

In this column, Badaracco discusses the role of whole grains within the megatrend of health and wellness. The whole-grain trend is described as a morph pattern within the health and wellness trend and a cousin of the whole-wheat trend that has led to the single-grain and ancient-grain phenomena. The beauty of morphs is that they allow producers to continue to play in a trend instead of exiting it, enabling greater flexibility within an established market. Whole grains have the added benefit of being great “interpreters” in the food world because they can be used to introduce new flavors and foods to consumers in a nonthreatening way. Whole grains are also linked to several health benefits, and because they are associated with health by consumers, the consumption of whole grains can produce a feeling of wellness.


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