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GFSI Compliance and Automated Food Safety Management Systems: A Harmonized Risk-based Solution for Food Safety

B. Percy. EtQ, Inc., Farmingdale, NY, U.S.A. Cereal Foods World 56(4):144-146.

Safety and quality are the most important ingredients in the food and beverage industries. Whether complying with regulatory requirements or implementing GFSI food safety initiatives, use of a holistic, integrated management system greatly enhances an organizationís ability to produce the highest quality goods. An integrated food safety management systems (FSMS) provides the framework for consolidating common processes, improving employee productivity, and creating visibility across multiple quality and safety disciplines. By extending the food safety system to suppliers, an organization can identify top supplier risks and enable suppliers to collaborate in its quality and safety processes. At the end of the day, an integrated system can connect the food and supply chains and create a window into global compliance.


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