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Chinese Trends: Present Status and Prospects for Cereal Product Development in China

T. Feng. Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China. Cereal Foods World 56(6):252-255.

China is changing rapidly and so are its tastes. Historically, cereal products in China have been restricted to dried noodles and rice. Flavored rice, pasta, and breakfast cereals have only become common in shops with the increase in Western influences. The arrival of fast-food restaurant chains and Western-style supermarkets, greater awareness of cereal products, and the emergence of a generation both willing and able to try new products have resulted in great strides being made in the market for cereal products in China. This column provides an overview of the present status of cereal foods in China, as well as the development status of major and minor crops, convenience foods, dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, and whole-grain foods. Development strategies and prospects for grain foods in China are also discussed.


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