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Nutritional Regurgitations—Spiraling, Rhyming, Repeating


Best Vantage, Inc., Northbrook, IL, U.S.A., dbest@bestvantageinc.com Cereal Foods World 59(2):101-102.

In nutritional science, the same issues often are revisited again and again, but from deepened foundations of knowledge and the new perspectives they bring. Examples discussed include the ongoing debates surrounding the roles of dietary fiber, phytic and oxalic acids, and fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids in human nutrition. Despite the accomplishments made possible by science, consumers often view science and scientists with skepticism. Overwhelmed by contradictory and inconclusive information, consumers are increasingly demanding certainty from the nutrition, health, and physiology sciences. In the modern information age, professional and industry associations need to invest far more in establishing a credible presence in electronic and social media platforms.

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