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Managing and Controlling Foreign Materials

Richard F.StierConsulting Food Scientists, Sonoma, CA, U.S.A. Rickstier4@aol.com.

Cereal Foods World 62(1):30-34.

Foreign material control is an essential element of any processor's food quality and safety program. To be successful, Stier argues that processors should take a systematic approach to identifying potential foreign materials and ensuring that they do not end up in their food products. The tools used to detect and remove metals, glass, and other foreign objects (i.e., magnets, metal detectors, X-ray machines, and sorting systems) must be augmented by in-house quality and safety programs, supplier verification, and proper training of workers. Detection tools must not be used as stand-alone devices to protect consumers and products. They should be used to verify that the production operations, food safety programs, and prerequisite programs are functioning properly.

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